About Anima Sana

Why can't I get my coffee sooner? Why don't you have my favorite roast/origin/type?

The primary goal is to provide resources for mental health for people who could really use it now. To do that, and keep prices inclusive, We do everything we can to keep costs low.  That includes not paying anyone who works on Anima Sana anything, and ordering in fewer bigger batches.

As soon as our volumes are high enough to offer more lines or order more frequently, we will.

Until then, please plan ahead and order from us when you can, and support your local coffee folks (or our roaster Little Waves Roasters; they're great, ship fast, and have a ton of variety).  

Why "Anima Sana"?

It comes from the latin phrase that usually gets translated as "Sound mind, sound body."

These days it is hard enough to have a sound mind even when you're treated right, and some people aren't.

We're trying to help.

Who roasts your coffee?

Little Waves Roasters in Durham, NC. They're our favorite roasters, are Latina-led, provide a living wage, and were willing to step outside their usual operations to make this craziness work.  I couldn't ask for a better partner.  If you're in Durham, stop by one of their Cocoa Cinnamon locations.

Who receives the donations?

Right now the primary recipient is El Futuro in North Carolina.  They do good work and make good use of donations.  We're looking for other partners, but will wait until the amounts are higher.  Donations are like coffee,  watering them down ruins them.

Do all profits really go to the causes?

For business school types you might think of donating everything above our Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), which is basically coffee, shipping, and packaging.  We actually lose money on the whole operation after paying for tax prep and the website, etc.  This is a more effective way of making a difference than just donating that money, though.

How do you make it work financially?

We don't, really.  Anyone who helps here has a primary job that pays the bills and funds the operating costs.  This is a side-hustle on a side-hustle.  You know what, though? A lot of people work a lot of jobs.  No one is any better and some people could use a hand.

Who made the Anima Sana logo?

We are incredibly fortunate to have the logo designed by Manuel Bennett, an artist who trained with Diego Rivera in the 1950s and has been giving a lot to the Mexican-American community ever since.  You can buy some of his art at his store, or see more of it with his licensing agency.