"Riendas Tensas" Decaf Coffee


A delicious blend of Colombian coffee with a medium roast. Notes of chocolate, brown sugar, and cherry. Delicious enough for drinking for the flavor when you don't need the caffeine.

12 oz. bag of whole bean coffee (we can grind if you request, but it doesn't last as long).

100% of profits go to Black and Latinx mental health initiatives.

If you select "local pickup" instead of shipping, you'll get an email with the address when your order is ready to pick up from our roaster in Durham, NC.

The name comes from a poem by León Felipe, loosely translated:
"I travel with the reins tense
braking my flight,
because what matters is not to arrive soon or alone,
but all together and on time."

"Voy con las riendas tensas
y refrenando el vuelo,
porque no es lo que importa llegar pronto ni solo,
sino llegar con todos y a tiempo."

- León Felipe